Sasha Naess new Marketing Manager for TWEEK - Sweets with benefits

Sasha Naess new Marketing Manager for TWEEK - Sweets with benefits

Not yet 28 years old and with a background in social media marketing at H&M, Sasha Naess now takes on the role of Marketing Manager for market leader TWEEK - Sweets with benefits.

In 2018, Sasha Naess left Lund University with a double bachelors degree in sociology and media and communication science and went directly to the head office at H&M as global community manager.

For three years, Sasha Naess worked daily with content, analysis and follow-up but also channel strategy and worked closely with H&M's global PR and event team.

“My time at H&M gave me a broad foundation to stand on, both in professional and life experience. We were a tight team of young driven women in the team and we traveled a lot together - that was probably the most fun part of my job at H&M. Together with my colleagues, and now friends, I got to experience the world”, says Sasha Naess.

In the beginning of 2021, Sasha Naess learned that TWEEK was looking to expand their marketing department in Stockholm.

“When I found out that TWEEK was looking for a Social Media Manager, I just felt ‘wow, this is a product and a company that stands for everything I stand for’. And when I then got to meet Åsa Rosén (founder of TWEEK) I was so impressed by everything she has built. It felt so right and I was lucky that Åsa felt the same”, says Sasha Naess.

During 2021, Sasha Naess has worked closely with Åsa Rosén and TWEEK CEO Mathias Stendahl. Together, they have continued to build the TWEEK candy revolution, which has grown at an incredible pace. With an unusually committed community and a growing consumer base, TWEEK has in 2021 secured several major listings in the Nordic region and the EU, reached a nationwide launch in the UK with WHSmith Travel and found partnerships in Spain, France and Portugal where the interest in TWEEK is growing steadily.

At the turn of the year, TWEEK's founder Åsa Rosén left her operational assignment and Sasha Naess took on the role of Marketing Manager.

“To be able to continue working with TWEEK and build on the foundation that Åsa has laid is an incredible opportunity. We are still a small company that works very closely together and with our partners and we reach more and more Tweeksters every day. And it is not strange. TWEEK is a brand built on good values ​​with incredible products. TWEEK is available as a better alternative and we want to inspire, never communicate with cues, guilt or shame - it's all about balance. I'm so proud to be a part of the candy revolution, says Sasha.