New CEO Mathias Stendahl continues the global expansion of TWEEK - Sweets with Benefits

New CEO Mathias Stendahl continues the global expansion of TWEEK - Sweets with Benefits

Former production and supply chain manager Mathias Stendahl is appointed new CEO of TWEEK Sweets with benefits. “TWEEK has an amazing opportunity to grow in a market that we more or less can create ourselves. It is a position rarely granted and now we will take it a step further”, says TWEEK CEO Mathias Stendahl.

TWEEK is the leading brand in Sweden for sugar-reduced confectionery and offers a wide range of both pre-packed products and unique bulk varieties. The company was acquired in the summer of 2020 by Humble Group (formerly Bayn Group) and within the same year, TWEEK launched in several export markets such as China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Nordic countries.

With TWEEK Sweets Mathias Stendahl hopes to build on the strong foundation on which the brand stands, with its dedicated community and growing consumer base.

“The launch of TWEEK in the UK and southern Europe has, despite the ongoing pandemic, rolled out as planned and we are gaining momentum which we will act on this coming spring and fall. It is very exciting to see how new Tweeksters are joining the candy revolution every day”, says Mathias Stendahl.

Mathias Stendahl was born and raised in Lerum, near Gothenburg, but has for the last 25 years been living in Sweden’s southernmost province Scania (Skåne). Whether it has been working with factories or as a chef in a restaurant – Mathias Stendahl’s professional life has always been centered around the food industry in some way.

Before entering the role as CEO of TWEEK Sweets, Mathias acted as supply chain manager for Humble Group and before that production manager with a company, responsible for seven different food plants in the south of Sweden.

His own personal favorite among the TWEEK Sweets pre-packed bag assortment is Salty Salute (“Every day of the week”, he says) and Mathias Stendahl explains that personal preference and opinion is what makes the food industry so interesting.

“Everyone has an opinion because everyone eats! And to work with TWEEK, especially within the business to customer field, is to find the future Tweekster within a group of consumers who are showered with messages and advertisements every day. It is a challenge, but that is also why it is such a fun job.”

Mathias Stendahl is now continuing the work of former CEO Lennart Arvidsson and TWEEK founder Åsa Rosén. Lennart Arvidsson’s position within TWEEK is now as country manager for the Chinese market. TWEEK founder Åsa Rosén steps down from her operational position within TWEEK and leaves the mission to keep expanding the brand within the fast-growing market for sugar-reduced confectionery and foods, with Mathias Stendahl and his team.

“I have been working alongside TWEEK founder Åsa Rosén for the last couple of months to really take in the story of how TWEEK came to be. It is an inspiring journey from a small kitchen of a hard working entrepreneur to what we are today – market leading in Sweden and now going global. We will continue the expansion of TWEEK to reach even more parts of the world”, says Mathias Stendahl.